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Range Rover, Airstream and European Travel

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If you’re an American and have spent any time on European roads, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the rarity with which you spot a large vehicle of any sort that isn’t a commercial truck of some sort or another. Things there are, well, different. Here it is difficult to travel any distance (even pulling out of a parking lot at a mall) without seeing something Hummer-sized.

Which came to mind in a demonstration of the capabilities of the new Range Rover that was recently conducted in Europe. To quote the headline of a new release about the undertaking: “Range Rover demonstrates its breadth of capability by towing an Airstream to Morocco and back!”


Aluminum Range Rover, aluminum Airstream, aluminum Gehry-designed building

That’s right: the sport utility vehicle towed a trailer. Specifically, an Airstream 684 Series 2 travel trailer was hitched to the back of the aluminum Range Rover with a 4.4-liter diesel engine under its bonnet. The engine produces 510 lb-ft of torque, so somehow the 5,289-lb. trailer seems manageable.

Now admittedly they did go quite a distance during an 11-day excursion: 3,676 miles. That’s like Bangor, Maine to Los Angeles; LA to Denver. Some serious driving.  But given the sumptuousness of both the Range Rover and the Airstream, chances are there weren’t an inordinate amount of kinks in the backs at the end of the day.

And when you consider the robustly engineered Range Rover, somehow the endeavor seems less astounding vis-à-vis trailering in the U.S. by snowbirds who  do it in vehicles far less well-constructed with things far more, um, less aero on the hitches.  Must be a matter of perspective.