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Red Bull Takes It to the Soapbox

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To say that Red Bull is a brand that has far exceeded its canned beverage is an understatement.

From Formula One to people jumping out of airplanes at insane altitudes, Red Bull has been behind it.

And it is going to be rolling into Cincinnati on August 29 for the Red Bull Soapbox Race.


This isn’t what some of you may remember from your days in scouting.

Rather, they’re looking for people who are 18 and older to compete.

The teams will campaign cars that are human powered and measure less than 6-feet wide, 6-feet tall, and less than 12-ft long. Maximum mass, sans driver, is 176 pounds.

Clearly, these aren’t the models of your youth.

As they explain how one goes about winning:

1. Speed

Not to state the obvious, but this event is, first and foremost, a race, therefore, the fastest one across the finish line is definitely going to be looked upon favorably.

2. Creativity

It’s not enough that it actually moves. What we’re looking for is the outrageous, the preposterous, the ostentatious! Your soapbox should be an extension of you, so have fun when you design it. Be wild. Be crazy. Be anything you want. Just do not be ordinary.

3. Showmanship

We said the first one to cross the finish line will be looked upon favorably, we didn’t say they’d win. That’s because when it comes to Red Bull Soapbox, speed is nothing without a little personality. So, wow us with your stage routine, impress us with your charisma and of course, dazzle us with your showmanship.

They’re taking registrations until June 21, so step on it.

You can learn more at: http://www.redbullsoapboxrace.com/usa-ohio/en/

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