| 4:30 PM EST

Red Is the Color of My True Love’s Car

#Dodge #Kia #Chevrolet


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In the event you live in an area where dealerships are open on Sunday, and as this Sunday is Valentine’s Day, then you might want to roll out and get your sweetie a, well, red vehicle.

The folks at TrueCar have come up with the vehicles that are most often purchased in red. What’s more, they’ve come up with anticipated discounts based on the average current transaction costs.

Car Percent red Estimated discount

Dodge Viper 35% 10%

Chevrolet Corvette 24% 6%

Chevrolet Aveo 23% 3%

Smart for Two 22% Not enough data

Mitsubishi Raider 22% 8%

Dodge Avenger 21% 13%

Chevrolet HHR 21% 8%

Mitsubishi Lancer 21% 6%

Kia Forte Koup 20% 4%

Kia Spectra 5 20% 23%

That discount on the Spectra looks nice, but just consider this: