| 12:00 AM EST

Ricardo Engine Build for McLaren

Assembly facility at Ricardo's Shoreham Technical Centre site in the U.K. is a near clean-room production environment.
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 Just as the McLaren Production Centre where the MP4-12C sports car is assembled by craftspeople is a pristine environment not only by automotive assembly standards, but surgical suites come to mind, as well, the M838T engine for the car—a 592-hp, twin-turbo V8—which is assembled for McLaren by Ricardo, Inc. (ricardo.com), is similarly clean. In fact, according to Ricardo, the assembly facility at its Shoreham Technical Centre site in the U.K. is “a near clean-room production environment.”

The manufacturing facility is now at full production: 45 engines per week. It runs a single shift. It has produced more than 1,500 engines for McLaren as of mid-June, 2012