| 7:39 AM EST

Rinspeed: Leave the Driving to It

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Although the Geneva Motor Show doesn’t occur until next March, Frank M. Rinderknecht, head of Swiss firm Rinspeed, has announced the concept car the company will be showing, its 20th, the XchangeE, an electric sedan that is autonomous-capable.

One of the clever features of the car is the seating. The front seats are described as being like those found in business class cabins of airliners. They are able to swivel so that the folks in the front can face those in the back.



Some may recall that back in 2007 Chrysler introduced Swivel n Go seating for its minivans.

Said Rinderknecht, “After all, traveling in a driverless car”—well, there is a driver, but the driver may not be piloting the vehicle—“will no longer require me to stare at the road, but will let me spend my time in a more meaningful way.”

Among the listed functions offered: reading, listening to music, surfing the web, playing games, watching movies, and working on files.

Presumably, some people find meaning in. . .driving.