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Rinspeed’s Innovative Dock+Go

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Anyone who has driven a smart fortwo and has been, say, to Costco knows that the vehicle, while cute, is a bit shy on the cargo side of things. Maybe a loaf of bread or two, but beyond that. . . .

Enter Swiss concept vehicle conceptualizer extraordinaire Frank M. Rinderknecht of Rinspeed, who developed a trailer of sorts that he calls “Dock+Go.”

It offers a third “on-demand axle.”




This is figured to be a solution to limited range of electric vehicles, which have even less cargo space, to boot. So there are a variety of what he calls “packs,” which we might simply call “trailers.”

If you deliver pizzas, then you can plug in a hot trailer. Need to bump your bass in a way that the car audio system isn’t sufficient to satisfy? There’s a massive audio pack that can be attached.

Need to have extended range for your electric vehicle? Then there’s a pack that provides extra range, based on batteries or even a fuel cell (remember: this is a concept vehicle).

Rinspeed showed the Dock+Go at the Geneva Motor Show in March, and it has obviously resonated with some people.

The concept won the “e-car Award” in the “Innovation of the year 2012” category of two German car magazines, Auto Bild and Auto Test.

When it comes to conceptual cargo carrying capability, we’d take the Ford 2007 Airstream Concept hands down.


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