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Roborace Takes Guinness

Last updated on 10/4/2019

Not driving in a fast car. . .
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(Images: Roborace)

For those of you who enjoy thumbing through the Guinness Book of World Records to see such things as who made the most movies or has tracked the Loch Ness Monster the longest and who have an interest in racing and autonomous driving, you should be interested to know that the book has a new record.

Robocar, the vehicle that participates in races sans drivers (let’s face it, those NVIDIA SOCs  embedded in the cars can think at blisteringly high speeds, so drivers might be, well, an impediment), has been named the “Fastest Autonomous Vehicle in the World.”



Two runs were made at the Elvington Airfield in York, UK, last March and the vehicle had an official top speed of 282.42 kph, or for those of you who aren’t in the UK, 175.49.

Perhaps not entirely unsurprisingly, there was no record to beat.

So Robocar is first. Robocar is fastest.

But one can only think that Lewis Hamilton probably isn’t too concerned, however.

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