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Rock On

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Let’s see: the Jeep Cherokee is supposed to be hip and American.

The Rolling Stones may need hip replacement and are British.

So it makes nothing but sense—right?—that the Rolling Stones “14 On Fire” European tour, which runs through July 3, is being sponsored by Jeep, which will place particular emphasis on the Cherokee.


The “Official—14 On Fire Car”—however, will be the Grand Cherokee, not the more diminutive sibling. This means that “a fleet of courtesy cars [is being] made available to the artists and the organizers.”

Seriously: Do you think Mick is going to drive a Jeep, Grand or not?


The first civilian 4x4 Jeep, the CJ-2A appeared in 1945.

The Rolling Stones first appeared in 1962.

In addition to heritage, they both have rock(s) in common.

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