| 3:49 PM EST

Saleen 2011 Mustangs Revealed



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Steve Saleen has been rolling out with special Mustangs since 1984. The latest generation to come from SMS Supercars is a take on the 2011 Mustang, the SMS 302.

The big story is what is happening under the hood. The vehicle will be available with three powertrains. The “base,” the SMS 302 4V, is a 440-hp, 5.0-liter V8. Saleen explains that they’re getting the extra oomph via calibration, timing, and under-drive pulleys.

Then, there is a supercharged version, the SMS 302SC, that generates in excess of 535 hp, thanks, in part, to the company’s patented six intercoolers.

The SMS 302 4V is to go into product in May; the SMS 302SC later this summer.

Then there is a third one coming later this year, which Steve Saleen will only acknowledge is called the 351X. It is supercharged, and will have even more horsepower.

Here’s Phil Frank, the designer, doing a walk-around of the new car: