| 5:14 AM EST

Scania Uses Software to Save Fuel

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Scania, the Swedish truck manufacturer, has developed a clever technology for trucks that are ordered with its “Opticruise with Active Prediction” that has the potential to improve fuel efficiency by up to two percent.


Called “Eco-roll,” the system uses software to determine which is more fuel efficient when going down a hill: rolling with the transmission in neutral or using engine braking with the fuel shut off.

The calculation is based on factors such as how long the descent will be: If in neutral, then it needs to be at least 10 seconds for usefulness; if using engine braking, the speed shouldn’t be too high because this would negatively affect the fuel energy already in the engine.

The Eco-roll system uses both GPS and topographic maps to make the automatic reckoning of the appropriate fuel-saving strategy.


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