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Seen in Frankfurt: Mazda KOERU Concept

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One more item from the Frankfurt Motor Show is worth noting (as last week we noted five other vehicles) because without a doubt, this is the best vehicle that I saw on display: the Mazda KOERU concept.


KOERU Concept sketch

The word koeru means exceed or go beyond in Japanese.

This is a five-passenger crossover that uses the Mazda KODO design language that we’ve looked at many times before.


The thing about the KOERU that’s so appealing is the fact that it looks as though this is a car that Mazda could put into production right now.


Below the greenhouse it resembles the production Mazda6, and above it there is a sleek greenhouse (though one could imagine that the backseat passengers would either need to be somewhat short and certainly not wear stovepipe hats).


Real Mazda6

In terms of the KOERU’s dimensions:

Length: 181.1 in.

Wheelbase: 106.3 in.

Width: 74.8 in.

Height: 59 in.

Which is different than the Mazda6:

Length: 192.7 in.

Wheelbase: 111.4 in.

Width: 72.4 in.

Height: 57.1 in.

Still, the resemblance is there, and given the abiding popularity of crossovers, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising to learn that the CX3 and the CX5 are getting a new stable mate.

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