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Seven Cool Tools

Increase operational productivity with these new developments


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Tungaloy for Turning


The BXA10 from Tungaloy is a coated CBN insert that features a crater resistant PcBN substrate an a multiplayer PVD coating to provide edge toughness and wear and fracture resistance in turning operations. Available in multiple sizes and radii ranging from 0.1 to 2.4 mm. tungaloy.com

Seco for Stainless Steel

Seco tools

Seco Tools has three new grades for stainless steel turning. TM1501 provides speed, productivity and wear resistance on austenitic stainless; TM2501 is for low- to medium-alloyed stainless and is a general grade; TM3501 provides chip control for stainless finishing. The inserts offer new geometries and Used-Edge Detection. secotools.com

GOM 3D Scanner

GOM scanner

The ATOS Q 3D scanner from GOM can be brought to the object of interest: it measures 340 x 240 x 83 mm and weighs less than 4 kg. With five different interchangeable lenses and a fixed camera position it can measure areas from 100 x 70 mm2 to 500 x 370 mm2. gom.com

Hexagon CAD Viewer

Workxplore viewer

WORKXPLORE 2021.0 from Hexagon allows CAD files to be imported then to highlight individual parts within an assembly: selected parts are colored and the rest transparent. Permits communication to others. 32- or 64-bit client viewer executables can be selected. workxplore.com

Walter Boring Bar

Walter boring

The Accure-tec A3000 boring bar from Walter features a patented anti-vibration dampening system. Available in lengths of 6, 8 and 10 Dc and diameters of 1.25, 1.50 and 2 inches. Capto and HSK connections offered. Features internal coolant delivery. walter-tools.com/us

United Grinding Tool Grinder

United Grinding grinder

The Walter Helitronic Raptor tool grinder from United Grinding is for grinding and re-sharpening rotationally symmetrical tools. has a 15.4-hp spindle and a work envelope to handle tools up to 12.6-inches in diameter and 11 inches in length. It can perform end face operations. Features a low-vibration gray iron frame and gantry-style construction. grinding.com

Yaskawa Cobot

Yaskawa cobot

The HC20XP collaborative robot from Yaskawa is said to be the industry’s first IP67-rated cobot. Features a 1,700-mm reach and a 20-kg payload capacity. Teaching is performed through hand guiding. Capable of reaching full 80-inch pallets without requiring a lift mechanism. Made of durable cast aluminum. motoman.com


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  • Building Better Vehicles Via Functional Build

    The functional build method says that you aren’t going to stamp perfect body panels, so you might as well accept the fact and deal with it. And dealing with it can result in reduced costs, faster time to market, and remarkable fit and finish. Sounds outlandish, but they’ve been using the method at Japanese auto companies for years, and who is lower cost, faster and more lauded for quality?

  • Painting with Water at Toyota

    Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky’s Plant Two paint department has developed the flexibility to paint both cars and minivans in the same facility. They’re painting small lots with high finish quality, all while dealing with the unforgiving nature of the water-borne process