| 2:14 AM EST

Smart Doors for Autonomous Vehicles

When cars go robotic, how will they know who to open their doors for? Answer: with doors that sense their surroundings, says Inteva Products CEO Lon Offenbacher.


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When cars go robotic, how will they know who to open their doors for? And how will they do so without striking a nearby object or opening into the path of an approaching vehicle?

The key is to marry power door opening/closing systems with the same types of sensors autonomous vehicles use to detect objects around them, says Lon Offenbacher, president and CEO of Inteva Products in Troy, Mich.

Inteva is deeply into developing such advanced door actuator systems, both with its suppliers and its customers. The latter include newcomers to carmaking that may lack the inhouse capacity to develop entire door operating systems, Offenbacher says.

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