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Some Remarkable June Numbers

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Earlier this year I wrote about the Lexus CT 200h in this space. If you don’t remember that (not that I expect you to, of course), you can find it here. Or stick around and suffice it to say that it really is a solid, handsome car and a hybrid, to boot.


That car comes to mind because of what can only be described as a “Holy Something!” increase in the sales of that car vis-à-vis last year.

June 2011: 240

June 2012: 1,387

That’s a 477.9% increase.


Or consider the Lexus GS, which we wrote about on the magazine side of things. You can find that here. The Cliff’s Notes version of that is encompassed by what GS chief engineer Yoshihiko Kanamori told us: “I believe it will change the way people think about driving a Lexus.”

Evidentially, he was right.

June 2011: 286

June 2012: 2,020

That’s a 606.3% increase.

Nearly double damn.

Meanwhile, over at Chrysler, there were some triple-digit June-to-June bumps, too.

Like the Fiat 500 going from 1,803 to 4,004, or a 122% increase.

The Chrysler 300 bested that with its 179.1% jump, from 2,500 units in June ’11 to this year’s 6,971.

Over at Acura, they had a triple-digit product: the TSX Wagon (yes, that’s as in “station wagon”) went from 122 units sold in June 2011 to 397 sold last month, for a 225.4% increase.

Nissan had a couple in the three-digit club, too. The Versa went from 4,345 units last year to 8,746 this year, for a 101.3% increase. The Quest went from 984 last June to 1,997 this June, for a 102.9% rise.

But by far the most unbelievable increase came in the numbers for a car that you probably didn’t even know was available anymore (used cars don’t count, by the way): The Chevrolet Caprice.

You might know that you can get a Caprice if you happen to be a police officer, however, because that’s who can get into a Caprice PPV.


June 2011: 42

June 2012: 325

That’s a 673.8% increase.


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