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Stamp Collecting

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From Abstract Expressionists to Zora Neal Hurston, the U.S. Postal Service has a wide range of stamps dedicated to individuals and cultural phenomenon. In 1968 Henry Ford was put on a stamp (the same year, interestingly, as Walt Disney). But if you look at the currently somewhat-available line-up you’ll discover that the auto industry doesn’t fare at all well. Star Wars, yes. Cars, no.

In Japan, apparently, their approach to things philately is somewhat different. That is, there are stamps that are more local, not national like U.S. stamps. Example: the “History of Mazda Motor Corporation Hiroshima (with model car)” stamp and 1:64-scale model Cosmo Sport 110S that was issued by the Japan Post Network Chugoku Regional Office yesterday.


The sheet of stamps contains 10 80-yen stamps, showing cars from the company’s 90-year history, all the way up to the recently revealed Shinari concept.

The stamps are being made available in the places where Mazda has production facilities: Hiroshima prefecture and Hofu city in Yamaguchi prefecture. On November 5 they’re being made available on-line, as well.