| 12:00 AM EST

Style Porsche Wins red dot

911 Carrera wins red dot: best of the best 2012 award.


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Arguably—and people will argue—one of the all-time best designed vehicles is the Porsche 911, the first of which went into production in September 1964. While there have been multiple variants of the car, it has the sort of iconic shape, profile, stance, and presence that make all the versions harken back to the original, which is in the case of this vehicle a good thing. A very good thing.
The current version is the 911 Carrera. The car received the prestigious “red dot: best of the best 2012” award in the “Automobiles, transportation, commercial and water vehicles” category. The red dot awards have been presented since 1955 (en.red-dot.org).
What is even more notable vis-à-vis Porsche is that the company’s chief designer Michael Mauer and his team of 80—the Style Porsche design team—were named the “red dot: design team of the year 2012.”
Speaking of these honors, Mauer said, “That we won both of these most renowned awards this year makes me and my team proud indeed. It means we pursue the right design philosophy. With our work, we have ensured that a Porsche has always been a signature Porsche for many decades—from the 911 up to the Cayenne. The quality of our design is founded on our brand values: tradition and innovation, sportiness and suitability for everyday driving. This unique combination and the convention that good design has to be honest, functional and timeless constitute the foundation of our characteristic Porsche design language.”