| 8:18 AM EST

Suzuki Launches Kizashi Variant at New York Show



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In its efforts to improve its position in the U.S. market, American Suzuki will be launching the 2011 Kizashi Sport in August. Available on the GTS and SLS trim levels of the midsize sport sedan, the Sport package is essentially one of things like a new front fascia, lower grille, side-sill extensions, spoiler, 18-in. alloy wheels, and 10-mm lower ride height, as well as a sport steering wheel with leather grip, form-fitting leather seats, and the like.


One of the issues that some have with the Kizashi Sport is trying to pronounce the name. After all, how embarrassing would it be to have a car with a name you can’t say?

So in cause you’re curious, there are a couple ways of pronouncing it: spawrt or spohrt.