| 2:49 PM EST

Swarming the Weather



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Continental Corp. (continental-corporation.com) is working with the French national weather service, Météo France, on using connected vehicles and swarm intelligence for purposes of providing drivers with accurate information . . . about the weather.

Continental is using its eHorizon system, which is ordinarily used for advanced navigation operations, and has integrated them with vehicle systems such as ABS, ESP, fog lights and windshield wiper sensors.

These inputs provide information about such things as temperature, air pressure, visibility and road conditions.

The information is sent via an integrated telematic unit to Météo-France, which aggregates the information (there are approximately 200 vehicles in the test fleet, which constitutes the swarm), then sends it back to vehicles, with real-time weather information.

According to Jean-Yves Le-Gall, Design & Innovation Manager in Continental´s Interior Division, “By integrating information from our vehicle sensors with external data to bring real-time weather warnings to vehicles, the joint solution is eHorizon. Weather is helping here particularly well.”