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Tata, Jaguar, Land Rover, Ford, BMW. . . Linde

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This may be a bit of inside baseball, but it is worth noting that the people at Tata Motors are really amping things up. As we reported earlier this week, Carl-Peter Forster, formerly head of Opel, was named group CEO of Tata Motors.

Now word comes that Jaguar Land Rover—yes, part of Tata Motors—has named Dr. Ralf Speth as CEO.  He will be reporting to Forster.



Speth has experience with Land Rover, having been vp of of the company when it was still part of BMW. Then he went on to the now-non-existent Premier Automotive Group (PAG) of Ford (which Mark Fields, presently head of Ford of the Americas, once headed up), where he was director of Production, Quality and Product Planning. PAG once included. . .Jaguar and Land Rover.

Here’s the interesting bit: When Speth left PAG, he went to the Linde Group, where he was head of Global Operations. It so happens that the present CEO of the Linde Group is Dr. Wolfgang Reitzle, who had been the head of PAG before taking that position (and was replaced at PAG by Fields). Prior to PAG, Reitzle had been with BMW.

Will other shoes drop?