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Да Tesla

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The Tesla Roadster that the Silicon Valley-based car company tricked out with Swiss-based TAG Heuer is on an around-the-world trip, said to be the first time a zero-emissions GT car has attempted the trek. Of course, given the number of zero-emissions GT cars that are out there, that probably isn’t all-that-astonishing a claim.

What is more astonishing—at least for those who were aware of this fact—is that the Tesla is said to be the first car without Russian components to be given “official clearance” to park in Red Square:



Of course, given that the distance between Menlo Park, CA, where the final assembly is performed, and Moscow is 5,903 miles, that lack of componentry isn’t all that surprising.

According to this, it seems that the young, hip and presumably rich in Russia are all about the Roadster. . .


. . .and the watches.

Here’s something interesting about the global tour: a previous stop was in Budapest, where Nikola Tesla, the company’s namesake, developed the alternating-current induction motor in 1882. The Tesla Roadster uses a 215-kWh, 375-volt AC induction air cooled electric motor (powered by a microprocessor-controlled battery pack that includes 6,831 lithium-ion cells).