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The Audi A8 L Security

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One of the cars that is most likely to get overlooked in all of the hub-bub in Frankfurt this week comes from that company in Ingolstadt, Audi.


Sure, people are interested in the Bentley Bentayga SUV and the Rolls-Royce Dawn convertible, but there’s the Audi A8 L Security.

It is large. It is comfortable. It is fuel efficient (up to 21.6 mpg). It is class VR 9 ballistic protection certified.

Yes, the Audi A8 L Security is an armored vehicle. It is produced with materials including aramid fabric, special aluminum alloys (Audi doesn’t say “military-grade” of the aluminum, the way Ford did for the 2015 F-150), and hot-formed steel armor (yes, steel of the ultra-high-strength variety).

There is an armored communication box in the luggage compartment, an intercom for communication with the outside world (“Hey! Stop shooting at me!”), selective door unlocking, and options including a patented emergency exit system (probably more useful than the intercom), a fire extinguishing system and an emergency fresh air system (in fact, all three of these options sound pretty much necessary if you’re going to be getting an armored vehicle).

Oh, there is also a standard relaxation seat in the back: If people are trying to blow you up, changes are a bit of cossetting can’t hurt.

The all-wheel-drive (quattro) vehicle is available with a 435-hp, 4.0-liter, bi-turbo V8 or a naturally aspirated W12 that produces 500 hp). Given the requirements of the run-flat tires, the top speed of the car fitted with either engine is 130.5 mph.

This is sort of cool: the A8 L Security is first produced in the Audi plant in Neckarsulm, then sent to a “secure, top-secret factory.”

Can’t say that about any of the other cars introduced in Frankfurt.