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The Kids Are All Mobile

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When the Renault Twizy* was introduced a few years back, one of the points that Renault stressed is that the urban electric vehicle is “safer than a two- or three-wheeler.” Which would be a bike or a trike.

The Twizy has four wheels and a roof, an airbag for the driver, disc brakes, and optional doors. Yes, safer than hanging it out there on a bike or a trike.


It is a compact two-seater, measuring just 7.7-feet long and 4-feet wide. It weighs 992 pounds. It is powered by a 13-kW motor.

According to Renault, approximately 15,000 Twizys are on the road in Europe.

And there is likely to be considerably more, thanks to a move in France to adopt the European Union’s regulation regarding those who are permitted to drive “light quadracycles.”

The legislation has it that a 14-year-old with a BSR safety certificate can legally drive a light quadracycle. Previously, the permissible age was 16.

Just think: packs of 8th and 9th graders can now be on the roll down the Champs de Elysee in Twizys.

*About that name. Apparently it is derived from a vehicle for two—TWIn—that’s simple to drive—eaSY. (Yes, the name has a z not an s. Must be a French thing.)


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