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The Price of Midengine Configuration

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During a recent “Autoline After Hours” program, a viewer wondered why there hasn’t been an accessibly priced midengined car since the Pontiac Fiero.

John McElroy answered that by and large, that architecture is one that tends to drive up costs. Peter DeLorenzo chimed in that while there had been a version of the Corvette C7 designed with a midengine configuration, it was thought to be too far from what a Corvette is for them to have gone in that direction.


This came to mind as the Salon Privé, which will be held in West London September 4-6, announced that the Vencer Sarthe will be among the vehicles on display.

Vencer Sarthe?

You shouldn’t be surprised if you’re not familiar with it. Vencer is a super car manufacturer based in Vriezenveen, Holland. It was established by Robert Cobben in 2012. The Sarthe is the first car created.

It is a hand-made, midengine sports car.

The Sarthe features a carbon fiber body covering a hybrid space frame. The space frame is fabricated with tubular steel, chrome-molybdenum for the safety structure and rear sub-frame. The floor is an aluminum honeycomb.

The vehicle weighs 3,064 lb.

It has a 375-hp V8 and a six-speed manual transmission.

Top speed: 202 mph.

As for the price: “On request.”

If you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it.

McElroy is right.