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The Suggestion Box Endures at Bosch

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One thing you don’t hear about much anymore is the suggestion box. Presumably, they still exist in many places. If they don’t then the companies in question are missing out on a whole lot of opportunities.

This came to our attention as Bosch announced that it has had its suggestion box—which actually started out as a book—open since 1924.


Bosch suggestion book, 1924

Yes, Robert Bosch himself initiated the program. The goal as stated 90 years ago was to “perfect work processes and improve products, or reduce the cost of producing and managing them.”

How is it working out?

Well, the company reckons that during the past 10 years it has saved approximately 395-million euros (~$492-million) thanks to the suggestions received from Bosch employees.

Bosch rewards employees for suggestions. The top prize is 150,000 euros. Tow Bosch associates at a Bosch Drive and Control Technology Div. foundry in Lohr, Germany, recently received 150,000 euros for coming up with a way to clean the pipes through which molten steel flows. (They’re using oxygen.)

Incidentally: the suggestion box or book at Bosch is now largely digital. But it is certainly no less important than it was 90 years ago.

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