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The Transparent Idea Factory

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We’ve previously seen how ZF is driving its innovation through the use of quick pitches, now Volkswagen has announced that it is working to not only capture new ideas in the areas of fleet management, car sharing, navigation and more, but will be providing the teams that are successful in their pitches with space in the Transparent Factory in Dresden.

The Volkswagen Group IT Ideation Hub is coordinating the efforts, and is working with the city of Dresden. For the next four weeks, those who have startup ideas can submit them at https://ideationhub.de . Those making the cut are then going to have the opportunity to make a 10-minute pitch.


There will be five ideas/teams selected. They will have the opportunity to develop their ideas in the Transparent Factory. Each team will have a room capability of accommodating up to 30 people.

There is both financial support--up to €15,000 per start-up—as well as a high-quality IT infrastructure, contacts with Volkswagen research and development employees and decision-makers, and professional advice by Sächsische Aufbaubank (SAB). For those who are working on transportation-related tech, it is worth noting that the factory is building the eGolf.


This is not just about ideas, but results. After three months the teams must make a presentation detailing their progress. If that’s good, then they can continue on. Come fall, there will be another five teams selected.

Said Dr. Jennifer Geffers, Head of the Volkswagen Group IT Ideation Hub, "We are looking forward to trying out and continuing the development of good ideas and products with start-ups at the Transparent Factory.”

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