| 6:48 AM EST

This Is a Hybrid?



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We’re betting that there are a lot of people who associate “hybrid” cars with comfortable, sensible shoes or suchlike. They are “good for the environment,” and like a lot of things that are “good for you,” like flossing and spinach, they tend to be rather, well, tedious, tasteless, or otherwise underwhelming.

Someone at Honda didn’t get the memo.



"The Honda CR-Z will expand our lineup of hybrid vehicles and reinforce the fun-to-drive values associated with the Honda brand," said Erik Berkman, vice president of Automobile Corporate Planning and Logistics for American Honda Motor Co., Inc., at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The two-seater is scheduled for sale in the U.S. the second half of 2010.

This could give a whole new meaning to “good for the environment.”


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