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This Is the Week That Was

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This week, the UAW members of FCA US are going to be voting on a new labor agreement.


Last week, VW announced the recall of 8.5-million diesel-powered cars in Europe. And that it would be emphasizing plug-in hybrids and even making an electric Phaeton in the future.

Toyota announced that its goal by 2050 is to reduce the CO2 emissions from its vehicles compared to 2010. This means a whole lot of electrification, whether it is plug-in hybrids or more fuel-cell powered cars.


Hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirais arriving in the U.S.

Uber announced that it would be expanding its delivery services, clearly leveraging its logistics capability.

Tesla showed its hands-free driving technology (but keep your hands on the wheel—just in case.)

The head of FIAT brand for North America was reassigned at FCA. . .then left the company that he’d been with since 2005. (Of course, when Jason Stoicevich joined the company it was Chrysler, not FCA.)

Klaus Busse, Vice President of Interior Design, FCA - North America, a man credited for completely transforming the interiors of everything from the Ram 1500 pickup to the Chrysler 300 sedan, was named head of design for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

And there was a whole lot more going on last week in the auto industry.

It was discussed on this edition of “Autoline After Hours” with Sharon Carty, editor-in-chief of Yahoo! Autos; Mike Wayland, FCA beat reporter for The Detroit News; Scott Burgess, Detroit editor for Motor Trend—who announced last week that he will be starting today at Yahoo! Autos with Sharon Carty; and me.

And you can see it all here.