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The Torsus Praetorian bus—which is powered by a 290-hp MAN diesel engine, has an upgraded heavy-duty MAN chassis, is equipped with Michelin off-road tires, and is capable of driving through 35.4 inches of water—is now addressing the COVID-19 concerns of its passengers. 

Torsus Praetorian

Sometimes, there just aren’t any roads. (Images: Torsus)

In the conventional configuration the Praetorian has seating for 37. There are double rows of seats on each side and a driver’s seat.

Because of the modular design of the interior, seats can be removed so that there is one per row on each side. 

Praetorian interior

Note the slots running through the interior.

Then the seat rails are used so a 3.5-mm thick clear plastic protective pod can be slotted in place for each seating position and affixed. 

Praetorian PPE

A PPE pod per passenger.

When the pandemic is gone, then the pods can be removed and the seats replaced.