Toyoda's High Speed Verticals



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Say you need to do some machining. Some fast machining. Some machining where accuracy isn't optional, yet time is of the essence. If that's your situation, then you need to consider two new vertical machining centers from Toyoda Machinery (http://www.toyoda.com/), the FV850S and the FV1050S.
Both machines feature an extremely rigid Meehanite cast-iron base. Compared to conventional cast iron, this material has higher density and more uniform soundness. Consequently, the tensile strength is better. And importantly, there are maximum vibration-dampening capabilities.
The FV850S has a table that measures 39.4 x 20.1 in. The maximum table load is 1,100 lb. The table is 37 in. above the floor (this is the same for the FV1050S), which facilitates load-unload operations.
The spindle speed is 15,000 rpm. The spindle motor is rated at 20/25 hp (continuous/30 minutes). The spindle taper is CAT 40. In addition to the quick spindle, there are quick speeds and feeds, too. The rapids for the X, Y, and Z axes are, respectively, 1,890 ipm, 1,890 ipm, and 1,417 ipm. Know that the X, Y and Z travels are, respectively, 31.5 in., 20.1 in. and 20.1 in., so this is moving quickly. In addition, the spindle nose to the table is from 4.92 to 25.1 in., and the spindle center to the Z-axis is 22.8 in. As for the cutting feedrate: 394 ipm.
The tool magazine has a capacity of 32 tools with a maximum diameter (with tools in every socket) of 3.14 in. The maximum tool length that can be accommodated is 9.84 in.
The FV850S is accurate, as well, with repeatability of ±0.00023 in. and a positioning accuracy of ±0.00047 in.
As for the FV1050S, there's greater size. It has a table that measures 47.2 x 20.1 in. It has a mass capacity of up to 1,320 lb.
It, too, has the same specifications as regards the spindle speed, motor and taper. The speeds and feed are the same, as well. There is a difference in the number of tools that can be accommodated in its magazine-40-but the same dimensions apply. And the repeatability and positioning accuracy are the same as for the FV850S.
Both machines feature the Fanuc 18i CNC control. This unit has a large color LCD display. It features the Fanuc Manual Guide I, which offers not only conversational programming capabilities, but an array of operational guidance for fast operations.
Toyoda is no stranger to high-speed verticals. But these two are said to offer "drastic improvements in machine operability and part throughput over previous VMC generations." Which means fast.