| 12:47 PM EST

Toyota Begins Second Attempt to Fix Faulty Suspension

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Toyota Motors Corp. is again recalling 780,600 vehicles to fix a rear suspension problem that may not have been correctly repaired when the same vehicles were recalled 12 months ago.

Almost all vehicles affected by the new campaign are 2006-2011 model RAV4 small SUVs. The recall also covers about 18,000 of the company’s 2010 model Lexus HS250h hybrid sedans.

The new recall addresses the same problem that prompted the original campaign. If rear alignment work is not performed correctly, suspension components could rust and break. If that happens, the driver could suddenly lose control of the vehicle.

Toyota says all affected vehicles that were repaired under last year’s campaign will be recalled again and re-inspected. The new round of repairs will be conducted in phases over the next six months.