| 10:30 AM EST

Tracking the Experience of Returning to Work

Helping companies track employee concerns about returning to work


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As companies begin to resume production amid the coronavirus pandemic, a big question looms: How ready and able employees are to return? What are their concerns? What support might they need, such as tending to children whose schools remain closed?

SAP has been supplying companies for decades with sophisticated output-oriented tools to help them manage their finances and supply chain in real time.

sap qualtrics

Recently SAP acquired Qualtrics, which expands SAP’s portfolio with “experience management” products that give companies the additional ability to tap customer and employee feedback, analyze it in real time and create actionable insights.

Ellen Sasson, SAP’s industry executive advisor, Automotive N. America, and David Mingle, Qualtric’s global automotive industry leader, discuss how these tools can help companies get back to work more smoothly.

Learn more about these at www.SAP.com and www.Qualtrics.com.


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