| 7:55 AM EST

TRW Addresses Cost, Speed & Safety

Consider: 1.


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1. There is a growing proliferation of vehicle models being produced around the world, often low-cost models for automotively developing countries

2. There is a severe time demand, as products are being developed ASAP—if not sooner

3. There is a need for safety, regardless of where the vehicles are built and sold

One way of addressing part of this has been launched by TRW Automotive. Its engineers have developed a series of modular airbag kits that can address the needs of speed, affordability, and safety.

Norbert Kagerer, vice president, Engineering, TRW Occupant Safety Systems explained, “Regulations and industry pressures – including the boom of automotive industries in developing markets – are driving the uptake of occupant safety technology on global vehicle platforms. In order to meet the considerable diversity in legislative and customer-driven requirements around the world, scalable solutions are a must – particularly in markets such as Brazil and China where increased levels of mobility and cost awareness are important factors.”


Airbag modules have typically been specialized solutions for particular vehicles, requiring, sometimes, years to develop.   So with the new approach taken by TRW, there are products like the DI10 series of inflators. The inflators in the series have the same diameter. The gas volume for the particular type of bag to be deployed (driver, passenger, side-impact, curtain, knee-protection) is set by the height to the inflator. Overall there are common elements like the DI10; systems are assembled from kits of standard components, with many common components across the range of systems.

No matter if you’re driving an econobox or luxury barge, you want to be safe. And this certainly helps.