| 4:42 AM EST

UAW, Tesla and the Chinese. . Oh My

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So what does the failure-- the very, very slight failure--of the UAW to organize the Volkswagen Chattanooga plant mean, not just for the workers in Tennessee, but for the UAW's 2015 strategy?


Tesla, which reported a reduced fourth quarter loss and which has a crazy high stock valuation thanks, in part, to a projected increase in production from its plant in Fremont, and also because of growth in the European and Chinese market: what's going to happen? Will Elon Musk make a run of it or will the big players (BMW, Mercedes, GM, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Honda) slow Tesla down? And did someone mention hydrogen?

A Chinese company bought Volvo a few years ago. A Chinese company bought the assets of Fisker last week, having already bought the assets of Fisker's battery supplier,A123. A Chinese company bought a portion of France's PSA last week. Would you buy a Chinese car?

On this edition of "Autoline After Hours" host John McElroy, co-host me, Dave Sullivan of AutoPacific, and Karl Henkel of the Detroit News. Look at these issues and more: