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China is an Important Market for VW

VW’s sales in China are climbing and the automaker will step up its efforts with new NEV offensive in 2019 
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There are 12,156 parking spaces at the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom in Florida, according to the wdwmagic.com website, which means that were you to park all of the Volkswagen vehicles that were sold in China in 1985 you would have 10,156 empty parking spaces.

Yes, in 1985 Volkswagen sold just 2,000 cars in the Middle Kingdom.

Just to get a sense of how things are accelerating in the world’s largest automobile market, know that in 1992 the cumulative car count from VW was 100,000 units. By ’97 there were in excess of one-million.

Then the acceleration began, with five million in 2006 and 10 million in 2011.

In 2015, 30 years after that initial 2,000, there were a total 20 million Volkswagens sold in China.


Yesterday, at Auto Guangzhou 2018, Stephan Wöllenstein, CEO of Volkswagen Brand China, said, “We reached a fantastic milestone this November, as we delivered the 30 millionth Volkswagen – a Touareg – to a customer in China. And to remain the number one choice for Chinese car buyers, as we have been for many years, our product offensive will continue in 2019.”

(Last year in the U.S. Volkswagen sold 484 Touaregs. The Touareg is highly relevant in China; not in the U.S.)

Volkswagen has two joint venture partners in China: FAW Volkswagen and SAIC VOLKSWAGEN.

According to Wöllenstein, Volkswagen is going to be providing even more electric and electrified vehicles in the China market next year to address the “New Energy Vehicle” (NEV) mandate of the Chinese government: “Together with our joint venture, we also will step up our efforts with our NEV offensive in 2019—introducing three locally produced battery-electric versions of well—known Volkswagen models. We will also introduce on more locally produced PHEV and the Touareg PHEV from Volkswagen Import.”

Number of electric Volkswagens available on the U.S. market right now? One. The e-Golf.

Yes, the China market is that important.

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