| 4:31 PM EST

Volvo Launches New Engine Lineup

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Volvo has launched a newly developed engine family that it’s calling “Drive-E.” No, this doesn’t mean that these are electric motors. Rather, it is about the efficiency that the engines provide. (And the company will be using “Drive E” for all of its environmentally related undertakings.)

All four engines have four cylinders. Of the four, one is a common-rail diesel and one of the remaining three gasoline engines has direct-injection. All of the engines feature start-stop and brake regeneration. The U.S. market will be getting a 240-hp turbocharged engine and a 302-hp turbocharged and supercharged engine. Both are 2.0 liter. The engines will be mated to an eight-speed transmission.

While the engines aren’t going to be available until early in 2014, and so the EPA numbers aren’t yet released, Volvo says that the engines offer both lower emissions and better fuel economy, “ranging from 13 to 26 percent, depending on the engine to which they are compared.” Presumably they mean an apples-to-apples comparison.

The architecture that’s the basis of these four engines replaces eight engine architectures on three platforms that Volvo previously deployed.

The new compact, transversely mounted fours are designed with hybrid applications in mind. Said Derek Crabb, vp, Powertrain Engineering, Volvo Car Group, “We have created smaller, more intelligent engines with power curves that give exciting drivability compared with engines with more cylinders, yet deliver the fuel economy of only four cylinders. In addition, by adding electrification such as plug-in-hybrid technology, we will reach power figures in the V8 territory.