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Volvo Trucks’ Electric Cooling

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Although fuel may be comparatively inexpensive right now, in the long haul there is a good likelihood that there will be price increases.

That’s one consideration.

Then there are others—like regulation—for the development of a factory-installed battery-powered parking cooler by Volvo Trucks North America (the factory where the install occurs for the Class 8 sleeper models is the New River Valley plant, Dublin, Virginia).


The cooler keeps a set temperature in the cab and sleeper without having to idle the engine.

The setup has the truck starting batteries paired with four absorbent glass mat (AGM) deep-cycle batteries that are housed in the in-frame battery box. This provides the power needed to keep a stable 74-degrees F four up to 10 hours, based on the truck having been driven for six hours.

There is smart energy management software to keep the engine’s starting batteries from being run down.

Clever—and presumably comfortable—approach to HVAC.


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