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Volvo Trucks for Serious Hauling

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Chances are, no one is going to ever haul 20 trailers connected together to form a 300-meter long chain, trailers that are carrying 40 containers full of Volvo spare parts. Along with the truck itself—a Volvo FH16—the whole thing weighs 827 tons. (A weight conversion would have it: four Boeing 747s or 57 Volvo FH16s.)


Yet to show that it could be done, Volvo Trucks took one of its standard 750-hp FH16s, fitted it with the strongest axles available in the product catalog, loaded the trailers in the Port of Gothenburg, then gave it a go.

The truck started from a stop. It needed to cover a distance of 328 feet (100 meters).

Clearly because we know about it, it accomplished the task.

A key is the crawler gears in the I-Shift automatic transmission. The crawler ratios facilitate hauling under difficult start-off conditions. It allows driving at speeds as low as 0.3 mph.


Noted Peter Hardin, product manager for the FM and FMX models at Volvo Trucks, “Specially built trucks are normally used for exceptionally heavy loads, but here we’re using a Volvo FH16 with a driveline that has come straight from the factory.”

Of course, ordinarily the distance hauled is somewhat longer than the approximate length of a football field.

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