| 12:13 PM EST

VR Goes Mobile

#NVIDIA #HP #Intel


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One of the issues related to virtual reality (VR) is that for all of its depth and richness, it tends to be somewhat restricted vis-à-vis physically interacting with it. This is because the processor used for the application is generally desk-based.

HP (hp.com) has completely changed that by going mobile with VR. It has developed the HP Z VR Backpack, which is literally a computer in a backpack.

It features an Intel Core i7 vPro processor to process applications and for graphics, a NVIDIA Quadro P5200 with 16 GB of video memory. It can be used with various VR head-mounted displays (HMD) including HP’s custom integration for the HTC Vive Business Edition headset. There's a hot-swappable, dual-battery system.

An ergonomic backpack frame and mesh harness that appears to have been designed by a William Gibson acolyte securely fits the processor. The whole setup weighs just 10.25 pounds.

There is a docking station for desk-based operations. 

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