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VW Hyper-miler: You Wouldn’t Want To Be Behind Him



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There is certainly something to be said for diesel vehicles when it comes to fuel efficiency, especially for the long, unimpeded runs that can occur out on the open roads. Or on test tracks.

There is also something to be said for those who are hyper-milers, those who try to eke out every bit of energy from a given amount of fuel—unless you happen to be driving in their vicinity and discover, in short order, that their driving behavior (e.g., driving slowly so they don’t have to stop; shutting off their ignition when they do stop; coasting whenever possible so as to avoid depressing the accelerator) is enough to cause you to want to use enough gasoline to create an amount of greenhouse gases sufficient to melt an iceberg.



Chances are, it is a good thing that journalist Gavin Conway probably wasn’t driving on the open roads in a diesel-powered Volkswagen Passat when he set a Guinness World Record for driving the furthest distance on a single tank of fuel: 1,531 miles. That’s like driving from L.A. to New York and just filling up once along the way. It probably also involved not turning on the air conditioner, opening the windows, turning on the radio. . . .

The Passat BlueMotion has an aerokit, a lower ride height, start-stop functionality, programmed battery charging, longer gearing, and low rolling resistance tires. It has a 1.6-liter common rail TDI engine under the hood.

Conway achieved an overall fuel consumption of 90 miles per gallon in the car.

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