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VW: Something Good This Time

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Although the spirits in Wolfsburg are flagging and the daily dose of diesel news is dire, there is actually something positive that’s come out of Volkswagen Group.

Last week the company handed out its “Best Apprentice Awards 2015” to those in its apprenticeship program who exhibited top levels of performance and specialist competence.


There were 12 women and 33 men who were acknowledged for their proficiency. Realize that on a global basis the vehicle manufacturer has some 20,000 apprentices in training in plants in 119 locations.

Clearly this group of 45 is notable in its capabilities.

Occupations of the apprentices ranged from mechatronics technicians to milling machine operators, from foundry mechanics to warehouse logistics operators.

Matthias Müller, who became chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft following the resignation of Martin Winterkorn, said of the entire class of apprentices, “We are proud of them. And we need them to tackle the changes that are now required: Changes within our Group and changes faced by the automobile industry as a whole.”

No doubt the former area of change is a bit more time-sensitive than the latter.

One aspect of the apprentices that may not be taken into account. The age range of the winners is from 18. . .to 30. While some might think that it is simply the young who are in apprenticeship programs, clearly that’s not the case.

And with 20,000 in training, this is certainly something that Volkswagen can teach the rest of the industry about.

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