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Walking Like Driving

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This, of course, is a shoe.


Which may make you wonder why it is on this page. After all, not a whole lot of promotion of walking goes on here.

But as it turns out, this particular shoe is actually part of a collaboration between workwear manufacturer Dickies and tire producer Michelin.

Yes, that Apex SR8215 (almost sounds like a tire designation) has a slip-resistant, non-marking sole that was developed by Michelin, predicated on the company’s City Pro motorcycle tire.

Michelin worked with an Italian company, JV International, on developing the soles. Dickies was responsible for the shoes to which the soles are applied.

A description of the sole from Dickies:

  • Siped shoulder sculptures providing optimal lateral adherence and stability.
  • High-edged tread design for maximum traction.
  • Multi-directional anti-slip tread pattern allowing excellent adherence on all types of slippery floor surfaces.
  • Deep grooves in the tread design to improve liquid evacuation and provide more flexibility and comfort.

Sounds more like a description of a tire than something that you’d put on your feet.

Think of it as “mobility.”