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What a Difference a Vehicle Makes

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When November 2015 sales were announced, Porsche Cars North America noted that its sales through November are 47,820 vehicles, up 9.3% from the same period in 2014, when the total was 47,007. M

That’s good.

But it is interesting to look a little deeper into the numbers because the Macan SUV makes all the difference for Porsche.

That is comparing year-to-date sales 2015 to 2014, respectively:

All Boxster/Cayman: 6,249 vs. 6,950

All 911/918: 9,447 vs. 9,714

All Cayenne: 15,244 vs. 15,271

All Panamera: 4,729 vs. 5,420

All Macan: 12,151 vs. 6,377

Were it not for the extraordinary popularity of SUVs both large and small (remember that the Cayenne is on the large size, and it is off just 27 units this year over last), there would be a whole lot of red over at Porsche.

Yet when you think “Porsche” do you think “sports car” or “SUV”?


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