| 2:49 PM EST

What a Hollow Robot Wrist Means for Painting

Yaskawa Motoman (motoman.com) has developed a new six-axis robot, the MPX3500, specifically designed for painting and coating operations.


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When it comes to automotive and robots, although the poster-child photo tends to be of an assembly line with sparks flying from the end effectors, painting is just as important. So to that end, Yaskawa Motoman (motoman.com) has developed a new six-axis robot, the MPX3500, specifically designed for painting and coating operations (of parts of any size, not necessarily just inside a body paint booth).

The robot features a 15-kg wrist payload capacity—and speaking of the wrist, it is hollow with an inside diameter of 70 mm so spray equipment applicators with large hose bundles can be run right through it, which means that interference between the hoses and workpieces is avoided. There is a 25-kg upper arm payload capacity, which means that spray equipment can be mounted directly on the arm.

There is a 2,700-mm reach and ±0.15 mm repeatability. The robot features an L-axis with no offset so there can be high-density robot spacing. The MPX3500 can be mounted to the floor, wall or ceiling.


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