| 4:53 AM EST

What the Cool Kids Ride


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Hipsters everywhere have long opted for motor scooters for the coolest of urban transport, and those who are really with it ought to be aware of the new 7100 LR scooter, which can handle a load of 352 lb. (as hipsters tend to be slim, one would assume that this payload includes either a second person or a hefty amount of cargo), and a top speed of 80 mph. Its maximum range is 100 miles.


Oh, and it happens to be an electric scooter.

Very cool.

The scooter, from Z Electric Vehicle, has a 6-kWh lithium-ion battery pack that is used to power its brushless hub motor, which is located inside the rear wheel. The outside of the motor is the tire rim and the axle is fixed as the stator, which means that there are no moving parts—like chains or belts—except for bearings. The motor, which is 12 in. in diameter, offers 185 Nm of torque. Recharge time is said to be four hours.


The MSRP for the ZEV 7100 LR is $8,990. There is an optional 150-w stereo system. No word on what that does to range.