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What Would Sheldon Drive?—So Many Choices

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Cars are oftentimes fitted into the “Boys With Toys” category.

And there are probably few that are more likely to fall under that rubric than the special vehicles that Kia Motors America has been revealing during the past several months—no, not cars like the 2014 Soul shown at the New York Auto Show


nor the 2014 Cadenza shown in Detroit


Rather, it is the lineup of vehicles that it has been showing that it has partnered with DC Entertainment to create. Yes, Cars As Super Heroes.

In all there will be eight vehicles, with a superhero per car for seven, and a whole Justice League for the eighth. The initiative is part of the DC “We Can Be Heroes” campaign, which is dedicated to helping address the hunger crisis in the Norn of Africa.

The most recent is this, the Wonder Woman Sportage:


There is the Superman Optima Hybrid:


And the Batman Optima SX Limited:


The Aquaman Rio 5-door:


The Flash Forte Koup:


The Green Lantern Soul:


And the Cyborg Forte 5-door:



Call us old school, but we’re hoping for a Martian Manhunter Cadenza.


© 2005 DC Comics

As for Sheldon: So many choices, so little time (unless, of course, he uses the powers of Flash or Superman to go back in time, which would mean that he’d have an infinite amount of time. . . .)

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