| 1:42 PM EST

Who You Gonna Call? NASA

#Toyota #Lexus


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Anyone who has lost someone in an accident involving alleged unintended vehicle acceleration in Toyota or Lexus models would undoubtedly try to move Heaven and Earth to get to the bottom of the case.

And it seems as though the U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is doing just that. The Dept. of Transportation is bringing NASA engineers in to investigate. Yes, rocket scientists. Or at least folks who work for NASA and have expertise in computer-controlled electronic systems, electromagnetic interference, and software integrity.

LaHood stated: “We are determined to get to the bottom of unintended acceleration. For the safety of the American driving public, we must do everything possible to understand what is happening. And that is why we are tapping the best minds around.”



There are nine NASA experts involved and more will be called in if required.

While we have nothing but respect for the women and men at NASA, we do recall theoretical physicist Richard Feynman’s O-ring in the ice water demonstration at the Rogers Commission hearings looking into the Challenger disaster.  The issue may not be as complicated as it seems.

But whatever it takes, answers must be found.