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Why Saving Opel Is a Good Idea: Buick Regal GS

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While the Buick Regal GS is a show car that will be revealed at the North American International Auto Show next week and consequently hasn’t been announced as a production vehicle, odds are the attention that it will garner will be sufficient to move it right into the lineup. After all, it is based on the Regal that will be rolling out later this year, so it is production feasible. And beyond the structure, there is the same essential engine, although the 2.0-liter Ecotec turbo engine is being tuned for greater boost pressure—and performance—for the GS compared with the Regal CXL. The GS will have an estimated 255 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. But other than that, it is really in the details.


Said John Cafaro, Buick design director, “The idea behind the Regal GS was taking the production model in a more aggressive direction to appeal to performance enthusiasts.” He added, “But along with its aggressive stance, there’s sophisticated style in the design the complements the driving experience.” For example, the interior is completely jet-black.


Here’s the thing: As Craig Bierley, product marketing director for Buick observed, “Like the Regal, the Regal GS is based on the award-winning Opel Insignia, and we believe it will reinvigorate Buicks’ storied Gran Sport legacy.”

While it might resuscitate—not reinvigorate—it, what is clear is that it is a good thing that they still have access to Opel, because without it, they’d have a heck of a time reinvigorating Buick.