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Winning Strategies for Automotive Suppliers

Deloitte’s Global Automotive Supplier Study shares insight on how automotive suppliers can make money even when products face shrinking demand


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Auto suppliers can make money on products even when demand is shrinking, if they have the right strategy, says Neal Ganguli, Deloitte’s U.S. automotive supplier practice leader.

In high-growth areas—electric powertrains, sensors, electronics, driver aids and infotainment/communications—success means building talent and technology through alliances, partnerships and acquisitions, according to Ganguli.


But he says companies that supply stagnant or shrinking markets—from suspensions and interiors to piston engines and fuel systems—should strive for cost leadership, consolidation and economies of scale.

Details are available in Deloitte’s latest Global Automotive Supplier Study. Click HERE to learn more and download a copy.

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