| 4:18 PM EST

Wireless and Portable Laser Tracking Made Simple


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Hexagon Metrology, Inc. (HexMet.us) next-generation Leica Absolute Tracker AT402 weighs less than 33 lb. (including the case), comes with built-in wireless connectivity, a maximum measurement volume of 320 meters and eight hours of battery life. “Hot swap” batteries allow the user to change the battery without powering down (provided it’s done within 30 seconds), increasing efficiency.  

The simplified user interface with four pre-defined measurement profiles allows adjustments with a click of a button. By reducing setup time and system monitoring, the AT402 helps operators streamline measurement work on the factory floor. 

Leica PowerLock technology locates and locks onto a mov-ing reflector within 1-m2 at a 5-m distance. This technology prevents “beam break,” which occurs when there is an object or person blocking the laser beam, by holding the beam leveraging a built-in camera. 

The AT402 has a 360° horizon and a 290° vertical dome.