| 8:59 AM EST

Yamaha’s Conceptual Trike

#Yamaha #BASF


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This is the 05GEN, a three-wheel concept vehicle created by Yamaha Motor Co. for short-distance travel. The trike was designed as part of a challenge to create “minimum assist mobility” vehicles that travel slowly along short distances rather than quickly across long ones. One interesting aspect of the O5GEN are its tires, which are produced with two thermoplastic polyurethanes from BASF Corp. (basf.com), Infinergy, which is said to be the world’s first expanded thermoplastic polyurethane, and Elastollan. Both materials contribute to the tire being something other than a black donut, with the Elastollan, in particular, allowing textures and colors on the surface of the tires. The tires were developed along with designfabrik Tokyo, a BASF group that supports industrial designers and engineers.